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This happened last summer, but because of the heat, my wife Vicky dressed conservatively, whose 46 and a size 12 to a bust of 38 inches less clothing. One Sunday we decided to go to a pub to eat and then to a park where they met. When we were preparing, I joked to her that, as I just wanted to shorts and a T-shirt dress and courage that made ​​lightly. I jumped from the car in the garage, and Vicky elephanttube was wearing a shirt without a bra ( I could see her nipples sticking out) and a loose skirt, walked elephanttube up to the knees. I went to the pub near Bethersden in Kent not far from where we live. We sat in the garden of the restaurant, I orded our meals and drinks took Vic sat down and said it was just as well that almost nothing about how it was so hot. With these words, his legs were deployed by lifting her skirt and slapped her to show me that he had no underwear! Now the shock, my wife is usuallyso reserved and the Stade de would not go to a topless beach topless. He sat opposite me with her skirt up to mid-thigh, all the food with their legs hanging open and elephanttube closed slowly, so it always remains one of her blonde pussy glimpes. I entered the park, fingering her pussy Charing was coming, she is very wet, and when he helped open the car door, he was rewarded with a long look at her vagina very wet and open, as walked slowly the car. We walked through the small park and stopped to sit under a tree where she sat with her knees so I had a good look at her naked wet pussy. We sat for a while, but wanted to go home to fuck and elephanttube when we went to a man walking in the park with your dog, how he came to us, I whispered Vicky ' make your day and give it a flash'. She looked surprised, but I told her: She does not know and never see him again, so you have to lose, and it is possible to enjoy it, I know. The type who was 50, walked his dog ran in front of us and not more than 6 feet away from us, when Vicky got up, but because she claimed she leaned back in his hands, opened her legs and aa pushed themselves, in this case exposed pussy wet blond hair for him. The expression on his face was magical, smiled as elephanttube she passed me and looked at us as we walked away quickly, but I knew that the idea that I know what I did, he was not wearing underwear and had a good look at pussy my wife was a real change for both. I could hardly wait to get home and elephanttube I found in a clearing in a forest and caught us. I hope this summer is very hot. See you at the park
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